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Hi! My name is Dinojosh! Welcome to! Before I begin my introduction, please note that it is better if you view my website on a computer as some things may not appear right on your phone. Anyway, I am 20 years old and I've loved dinosaurs since I was 6. I know many facts about dinosaurs. Why do I have this website? Well, I've always wanted to share the world my knowledge and teach people everything they want to know about dinosaurs. So, I created when I was 8 years old. After many revisions, this is the new and improved! Shoot me an email by clicking the link in the top left corner of this page if you have any questions about dinosaurs or if you have any comments about this website. Also, you can go to the Let's Chat tab in the bottom right corner of this page and chat with me! I'll reply back within 5 days. Also, check out my YouTube channel (Sorry, most of my videos aren't dinosaur related) by clicking the YouTube logo in the top right corner of this page! (Don't forget to subscribe!) Now go ahead and EXPLORE THESE MAGNIFICENT CREATURES! THANK YOU SO MUCH AND ENJOY!


This Dino-Dictionary provides definitions of words you might not know. You can click on the buttons to open up a new tab in your browser that shows a picture of the word. The underlined and italicized words in the information on the Dinosaurs A-Z Page are in this dictionary. When you find a word that you don't know, email me or chat with me and I will add the word and its definition to this dictionary! Thanks, and enjoy!

(5 Words!)


  • 'Femur: The scientific name for the thigh bone.



  • Ornithischia: A classification of dinosaurs based on pelvis structure. Ornithischian dinosaurs are "bird-hipped." All herbivorous dinosaurs except long-necked dinosaurs are classified as Ornithischia.



  • Pelvis: Hip bones and other structures near the base of the spine.


  • Saurischia: A classification of dinosaurs based on pelvis structure. Saurischian dinosaurs are "lizard-hipped." All Theropod dinosaurs and long-necked dinosaurs are classified as Saurischia.



  • Theropod: A group of dinosaurs that were mostly meat-eaters. Theropods were Saurischians, and walked on two legs and usually had small arms. They ranged from 2 feet to 45 feet long and some could reach speeds of 60 miles per hour!



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